Doctoral Programs

BEAT developed a Doctoral Programme on African Leadership Development (ALD) which is currently running through the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Zimbabwe and the University of Africa, Zambia, and the;
Doctoral Programme on Leadership for Agricultural Development in Africa offered by the University of Africa, Zambia.

Student Testimonials

• Moyo Gorden, PhD (Graduated 2014)
Research Topic: Re-Assessing Public Participation and Public Leadership Practices in the Africa Peer Review Mechanism: In Search Of a Democratic Developmental State in Africa

• Mkandhla Lucy
Research Topic: Urban Councils’ Leadership Accountability to Stakeholders in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Kwekwe City, Kadoma City and Chegutu Municipalities

• Ndengu Clem
Research Topic: An investigation into the variances between societal culture and organisational culture and the impact of the variances on business leadership and management practices in Africa: A case of Delta Corporation in Zimbabwe

• Ntabeni-Bhebhe Faith
Research Topic: An Investigation of Entrepreneurial Leadership Approaches Contributing to the Survival of Black Owned and Run Businesses in Zimbabwe During the Period 2005 to 2012