Motivated by the need to provide organized, highly professional and globally competitive support to Doctoral students in Africa and beyond, the BEAT Doctoral Academy was established in 2014. Our aim is to support Postgraduate students and researchers in translating their research efforts and academic endeavours into meaningful and transformational knowledge products.
Our work revolves around providing 4 main services:

Work Based PhD Programs

Through partnerships with accredited universities and institutions around the world, this Academy delivers high quality Work Based PhDs Programs.

Student Support Services

We support Doctoral students who are enrolled in other institutions (other than our own Partner Institutions) through:

Supervision and Mentoring

The BEAT Doctoral Academy is led by high profile academics with diverse specialities and world class supervision experience.
We also help to link students with our affiliate supervisors from different parts of the world.

Online Learning Management System

BEAT leverages ICT to make the knowledge-sharing and learning experience more co-creational even in the presence of geographical and time barriers

Seminars and Publications

The BEAT Doctoral Academy runs a series of talks and publications from our members. These platforms have helped PhD students and researchers to gain invaluable input into their studies catapulting them to successful completion as well as higher profiling.


Our publication and talk series include
Leadership Research Forum (LRF)-

The LRF series of talks reviews on-going leadership research to promote the development and refinement of leadership theory and leadership research methodology in Africa and beyond.
It is held at most twice a month and an advanced leadership researcher, practitioner, or business executive with graduate level, i.e. Masters and/or Doctorate Leadership qualification, will present a working or discussion paper on a practical and relevant leadership research topic.
The papers presented create a platform for discussion and critique on the theoretical and methodological aspects of contemporary leadership research in Africa.

Leadership Research Discussion Paper Series (LRDP)

Every presentation of the Leadership Research Forum is based on an initial paper which is then refined after external views gained from a seminar. Once revised, this paper is shared publicly through the Leadership Research Discussion Paper Series (LRDP) publication.


Wisdom is a Quarterly Magazine that contains regulars on news, Doctoral research updates, book reviews, executive leadership tips, columns and humor for leaders.

Training and Short Courses

PhD Student Courses
The BEAT Doctoral Academy offers short targeted courses aimed at developing the requisite skills and capacities needed for PhD and other Post Graduate students to succeed in their endeavours.

Courses for Supervisors

We help Supervisors to help their students!