The Academy for Land Policy and Governance offers training, research and participates in developmental activities in the following areas:

  • Land Policy in Africa
  • Land governance and administration Systems

Land Policy in Africa
Training modules are available on request and also regularly scheduled in the following areas:

  • Guidelines and Principles of Land Rights and Tenure Security (this course is based on the Africa Union Framework and Guidelines)
  • Nexus Between Land Policy and Land Law
  • Strengthening Land Governance and Administration Systems based on Models Relevant for Africa 
  • Approaches and Experiences with Land Registration and Titling Systems in Africa
  • Strengthening, Modernizing and Improving Performance of Customary Tenure Systems
  • Conflict management and dispute resolution over land, water and pasture
  • Enhancing Access and Ownership by Women
  • Land Information Systems for African Setting
  • Land use planning and classification
  • Urban and informal settlements

Key Resources for land policy and governance:

• Land tenure, governance and prospects for sustainable development in Africa.   Rukuni M. 1999
• Framework and guidelines for Land Policy in Africa AU 2009
• A Framework for Benchmarking Land administration Systems. Daniel Steudler and Ian P. Williamson 2001
• Innovations in Land Tenure, Reform and Administration in Africa
Clarissa Augustinus and Klaus Deininger
• Prospects for a dynamic land market Land in Africa: Market asset or secure livelihood? Quan, Tan and Toulimin 2004

Development Activities
  • Mainstreaming of AUC/AfDB/ECA LPI Framework & guideline development
  • Support Programme to the Ministry of Land and Rural Resettlement Action Plan
Mainstreaming Land Issues into CAADP Country Implementation