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SAPPA in Africa.

The paper is based on a book authored by Mandivamba Rukuni, ‘Being African’ that speaks on the richness and values or African principles ‘unhu’ as a modern intervention for a renewed Africa. The premise of new African renewal is based on ten pathways to African development.

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Does SAPPA Have a Role in Managerial Leadership Development for Business Executives in Africa?

This paper advocates for the adoption of a hybrid of Western and African leadership and management theories for African business organizations.
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SAPPA in Zimbabwe

The study set out to explore leadership, succession and continuity in community pharmacy business enterprises in Bulawayo - Zimbabwe. Community pharmacy businesses are retail businesses selling drugs, medicines and cosmetics to the public. A mixed-methods approach using more qualitative approaches than quantitative called grounded theory was employed. This study was configured as a QUALquan study. The grounded theory component cascaded through three phases, with each phase comprising interviews, coding and transcriptions, while the quan component was done in phases four and five was for purposes of triangulating findings in the first three phases.

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